Anastasia Wanted.

This beautiful woman is needed. Our Knave needs his true love. Fate has toyed with them both  enough already.

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Bad girls gone good. Or Good girls gone bad.

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Dr Hopper - Wanted.

Believe it or not, Jiminy wasn’t always a cricket. He once was a puppeteer and grifter, traveling through Fairy Tale Land with his parents, picking pockets and fast-talking locals out of their money. But he never felt comfortable living the life of a traveling thief and he was always looking for a way out. Events had pushed him away completely from the life he had lived, wanting nothing but to turn his back on his parents, and flee. Jiminy wished upon a star for an escape and The Blue Fairy answered. He was turned into the talking cricket we all know now, and devoted his life to helping Geppetto, and later his son, Pinocchio, do the right thing. He became a trusted member of Prince Charming and Snow White’s inner council. In Storybrooke, Jiminy is known as Dr. Archie Hopper, a local therapist. He has been counseling young Henry, growing close to the boy, forging a strong friendship with him, as well as many others in the town. His strong moral compass has also earned him that same respect & trust within the community of Storybrooke, as he had gained back in the Enchanted Forest, making him a much loved resident of the town.


Raphael Sbarge.


Archie is friendly with most of the citizens of Storybrooke & the Enchanted forest, most notably, Snow, Charming, Henry, Pongo, Belle, Ruby, Granny, Leroy, Blue, & even Regina, Rumple, Jefferson, & Jabberwocky, on a patient basis.


Formerly, The Evil Queen, Cora Mills, Captain Hook, Zelena. Ultimately, anyone who poses a threat to their town/community, Storybrooke, or Enchanted Forest.


TBC. Possible complicated relationship to develop with Jabberwocky. Subject to the writers.

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Featured role for the week. - The Goblin King.

Jareth is the Goblin King of The Labyrinth, a vast kingdom within another realm. Though the monarch of the goblins, Jareth, actually is not a goblin himself, and he appears human, and quite handsome by most human standards. He is in fact, from the fey kingdom of the Enchanted forest. And like Maleficent was charged with being the guardian of the border between the fairy kingdom & the humans, so too was Jareth, charged with being the guardian of the border between the Labyrinth, & the fairy kingdom. Though, his narcissistic streak, & fairy magic, soon saw him taking the Labyrinth as his own, & lording it over the goblins.

Originally, he was placed as the guardian of the Labyrinth, as a punishment for his obsession with fratenizing with humans. Something very much forbidden by fairy laws. Jareth resents his position as Goblin King and yearns for a different life. All the more so when he begins to yearn for, & fall in love, with a young girl by the name of Sarah, growing bitter & jaded as she ultimately rejects him.

Jareth has a human alter ego , by the name of Jeremy Quinn, where he first posed as an actor in New York, with whom, Sarah’s biological mother, an actress, had run off years earlier, after they had starred in a show together. He find himself constantly struggling with a desire for a human life, and his love of the magic and authority he has as Goblin King.

Jareth has ruled the Labyrinth for 1,300 years, & during that time, had a long, romantic relationship with Mizumi, the Queen of Moraine. However, the relationship failed when Jareth revealed he found Mizumi too shallow and boring to love, even though Mizumi loved him completely. He did give her a chance to find his heart, which was hidden somewhere in the Labyrinth. Mizumi failed after many years of searching, and still pines for Jareth. As he, still pines for Sarah, despite his unwillingness to go to her.

When the existence of the Labyrinth comes under great threat, word of a special infant, a product of true love, reaches the Goblins, there is only one thing for it. They must have that child, at all costs, & Jareth will stop at nothing to get what he wants. But when he hears the child is fated to be the new ruler & unite the realms, will his loyalty to himself win out? And will he seek Prince Neal to be destroyed, so he can hang on to his reign?

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