Calling Mr Smee.

The Cap’n needs his most loyal crew member..

Tired of simply sticking to one on one story lines, which inevitably fizzle out? Want to engage in active, creative, group story lines? Crave that feeling of a close knit family of writers within this verse? Then this could be the place for you. 
Storybrooke Maine, a forum based role play group, grants you the opportunity for all of that, as well as the option to write one on one threads as you please too. We hope for it to continue being an active, thriving community, where everyone’s individual stories all weave & fit together, just as on the show. And what’s more, you will be the only one of that character, as it is separate from this site, so there is no compettion with others for storylines. 

We have several canon roles still open in our roleplay community, though, we would really love to fill the role of  Smee.  Our Captain is in need of a little pirate solidarity…or just someone to bark orders at, perhaps. 

To apply, check out the main blog for details on how, or drop us an ask.

Or you can follow the application process directly at the forum by following this link…

Calling all & any Zetaboards coding experts…

We are looking for assistance with a snazzy new theme/skin. Anyone willing to help create us something beautiful, we would be eternally grateful to…and of course would give you full credit for it.


Sadly, the role of Snow White/Mary Margaret is open once more. To appy drop us an ask or message for details, or look over the main blog.

guys, would you please do me a favor and reblog this if you use screencaps from they are a wonderful site that is essentially screencap heaven, but they’ve been receiving a lot of hate and rude comments as of lately which resulted in the site being put on a hiatus….

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Original roles.

Link to our pre-set original roles, finally visible on the left hand menu of the blog. To quote our dear ol’ captain…

"it’s about bloody time"

It is still currently a work in progress. But do check them out/apply/inquire etc.

Storybrooke’s Most Wanted List.


Are you on it? If so, apply for the forum today.

The Wicked Witch|Zelena
Henry Mills
Tinker Bell


Many others still available, do check out the open roles. But the above, we’d really like to close asap.